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Here is what our clients are saying about Step Beyond Fitness....


"Can I just say 50 lbs in 8 months!! The results have changed my life. I hated exercise and Mark has turned my sessions into something I look forward to. He is determined and committed to helping me reach my goals. I feel like I have a partner to keep me accountable, focused and motivated. I'm forever grateful for the time and energy he puts into our sessions. Mark cares about his clients and wants us to get results. He has helped me to do this in a realistic way that has allowed me to live my life in the process. And the best part is, it REALLY works and it is affordable!!"

Portia L. 


"Mark is a fantastic trainer who caters to each individual's needs.  He has everything you could possibly need to get a great workout and the way it’s set up makes it that much easier.  I appreciate the extra step he takes to also include helping with nutrition.  Mark has helped me not only to lose weight and get stronger, but has given me the confidence that I needed."

Devon L. 


"One of the most caring and knowledgeable personal trainers in the area. Such a great, comfortable environment for all ages and you can really tell he cares for his clients’ wellbeing. Highly recommend!"

Patrick A. 


"I have been training with Mark for over a year and he has totally helped me to transform my body, and my life.  I wanted to be fit and toned, but I was really struggling with my nutrition, specifically my addiction to sugar, which was causing me to feel sluggish and have daily headaches. Mark is  knowledgeable about everything from nutrition and personal training to the factors that drive decision making. He is positive, encouraging and has carefully guided me through making small changes, a bit at a time, considering not just my physical hurdles but my mental ones as well. It has worked! I am feeling better than I have in years - people have actually been asking me what I'm doing differently because I'm glowing. I owe it all to Mark. I highly recommend him!"

Carrie C. 


"Mark is amazing at helping me set goals and make changes to my health and fitness that are realistic and sustainable. He is very knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise and is able to relay information in a way I can understand!"

Amy B. 


"I have been working out with Mark for a year in both small group and individual sessions. The setting is perfect- so much more private than a large gym. Mark listens to each individual's goals, creates a great workout plan and then gives you the tools to be successful outside of the gym. He helps clients focus on what is important to them and assists them in acheiving and maintaining both their short and long term goals."

Susan R. 


"Mark is amazing. Postive, knows his stuff, and absolutely NO judgement!"  

Rachel N. 


"Mark is the real deal. He knows it. He lives it. He meets you where you are, and helps you get to where you want to be."

Bob W.